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Our goal is to enhance the overall lives of Valdosta and the youth of the surrounding areas through athletic activity and the many lessons learned in preparation for and participation in athletic competition. We intend to achieve this goal by providing leadership and direction while facilitating opportunities through amateur wrestling.

Why Wrestle? 

     The purpose of youth sports is to provide experiences for future life activities by introducing the concepts and skills that will help promote growth in character and mental strength. Wrestling, the oldest sport of all is but one option to help youth achieve growth and maximize potential. We believe wrestling is the best option. 


     Every child can wrestle. Competitors are paired by approximate size, weight, and age. Athletes need not be tall in order to make the team, as in basketball; athletes don’t have to be big, as in football; and athletes don’t have to be speedy, as in track. Athletic aptitude does not trump hard work in wrestling. Athletes of all shapes and sizes can excel and enjoy the sport. Children enjoy physical activity. Wrestling makes them strong, improves positive self - image and healthy self - esteem. 


     Wrestling is a great conditioner. It is a sport in which each athlete is in constant motion. Everyone on the mat is participating in the drills; everyone is involved in live wrestling and the action; everyone improves their stamina, strength, agility, explosiveness, and power. It is the universal conditioner enhancing the skills needed for a myriad of sports.


     There are innumerable reasons kids enjoy wrestling and innumerable benefits form participation. At Titletown Wrestling Academy we believe in three main benefits a student-athlete receives from wrestling. 


     The first is work ethic. No other sport requires the same amount of work. “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy,” Dan Gable. If you are dedicated to this sport it will teach you work ethic, you will impress yourself with what you can accomplish, and your potential will be nothing but a starting point at which you begin to view obstacles. We believe work ethic is one of the most important characteristics of becoming successful in wrestling and in life. 


     The second is mental toughness. Wrestling is an individual sport. As a wrestler, you quickly realize that only you and your opponent are on the mat and that it is up to you to determine the outcome. There is no other sport that so literally takes the challenge head-on. Your ability to meet any challenge after wrestling increases. Wrestlers have a never give up, no-quit attitude. This mental toughness is the heart of an athlete and no sport teaches it better than wrestling. 


     The third is character. The inevitable trials and tribulations of learning a sport so reliant on technique create an environment where you must develop strong character to move beyond the initial hardships. Along with work ethic and mental toughness, character is what allows you to pick yourself up off the mat and overcome the adversities that wrestling does not have what it takes to come back from a loss or go through a tough practice. Wrestling is a humbling sport in which character is a necessity to survive and excel. 


     These three characteristics, work ethic, mental toughness, and character are gained through the lessons of wrestling. At Titletown Wrestling Academy we intend to bring these lessons to youth by providing leadership and direction while facilitating opportunities through amateur wrestling.  


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